Active holidays

Adventure or active holidays are one of the most popular holidays these days.

Many travelers seek experiences and activities that are not usual in their normal lives.

Family adventure or active holidays are also popular these days, people want to experience something new with their loved ones.

The island of Pag has a lot to offer regarding active holidays, like biking, climbing, hiking, windsurfing, water skiing, snorkeling, diving and so on…


Biking & hiking

For many people one of the best type of active holidays, and for sure one of the best ways to get to know the island and the town Pag.

The island of Pag has plenty of bicycle routes, some of them are off road while the others are much easier.

Especially nice for sightseeing is the route Pag – Sveti Duh, trough the oak forest and by the sea.

We will provide You with the info about the bike routes.

All of these routes are also great for hiking, but there are also much more routes for hikers.


Windsurfing & climbing

The island of Pag is well known as windy island, so it’s great for any activity that includes wind.

Almost every part of the island is great for windsurfing. There are even competitions in windsurfing that are held every summer.

It’s great for beginners, but depending of the wind it can also be great for professionals.

Pag  is also the island covered in rocks, so it’s a great destination for climbers.

There are rocks that are easier, for beginners, but there are also rocks for active climbers.