Pag is pretty rich in historical attractions such as Towers, ruins of city walls, churches, monasteries, stone houses and narrow streets.

Few of the most impressive attractions  in Pag are:


Skrivanat tower

The tower is built in 15th Century and is one of 9 towers that were defending the city.

Unfortunately, this tower is the last existing of 9 towers and it is very well preserved.

During the summer Tower is used  for different ceremonies such as concerts, theater performances etc.

It is one of the most impressive attractions in Pag.


Church of St. Mary

One of the biggest attractions is Church of St. Mary, built  in 15th Century, in the same time as city walls.

Church has elements of Gothics and Renaissance  and it’s really  amazing historical monument.

 In the Church You can find Gothic Cross from the beginning of 15th century.

The church is opened for visitors every day.


Church of St. George

Church of St. George was also built in 15th Century, as a part of city walls.

It has some elements of Renaissance and it was the northern church in the city.

During the summer this Church is used for art exhibitions and classical music concerts.


Benedictine Monastery of St. Marguerite

Benedictine Monastery of St. Marguerite was very important for the town Pag during the history.

Benedictine nuns were educating children since the monastery exist, they have established first nursery in Pag.

They were also the keepers of  tradition of lace making in Pag, by constantly educating women about the art of lace making.

One of the things that Pag is proud of are “Baškotini”, sweet hard milk bread, something like toast.

They are made only in the Monastery of St. Marguerite for more then 300 years,  and You can buy them only there.

You can also buy more types of domestic handmade sweets.


Other attractions

Except of the above attractions, there are also more of the beautiful things to see in Pag:

– Museum of salt

– Museum of lace

– Stone bridge

– “Stari Grad” Monastery (Old city)

– Church of St. Francis