Pag is well known for the tradition of cheese making, especially one of the best cheese in the world – Paški Sir. You can find cheese in Pag in almost every

store, market and even by the road from the local shepherds. You can even get it from us if You are staying at our apartments.

There is also one more thing that Pag is famous for, that is Pag Lace. You can see many variations of the Pag Lace in the Museum of Lace, where You can learn about the

process and history of lace making and the tools needed for lace making.

In Croatia, Pag is also well know for it’s salt factory. The salt factory in Pag is the biggest in Croatia, and the salt from Pag is available in any store in Croatia.

You can visit the Museum of Salt, where You can learn about the history and the process of salt making.

There are many attractions to see in Pag, such as Skrivanat Tower, Church of St. Mary, Church of St. George, Benedictine Monastery of St. Marguerite, Old town with the ancient church and  monastery and much more…

The island of Pag is one of the islands with hundreds of  beaches. You can find beaches in every part of the island. You can choose from small “wild” beaches to big beaches like Zrće beach or the city beach in Pag. There are all varieties of beaches; sandy beaches, stone beaches, and pebbly beaches.

For the people that are searching  for a party, there is famous Zrće beach with 4 clubs where You can party all day. There are also few clubs in Pag and few in Novalja.

The island of Pag is ideal for active holidays. There are many bike routes, hiking routes and there are even some climbing routes.

Pag is well known as a windy island, so it is also ideal for windsurfing.

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