There are many important traditions in Pag, but we will try to present You few of them which are the most popular.

Main traditions in Pag are: lace making, cheese making, salt production, sheep breeding, fishing and wine making.

There is also one very old and very popular tradition, carnival.

We suggest You to visit Museum of Lace and the Museum of Salt.


Pag cheese

The island of Pag has a long tradition of cheese making.

Geographical location and weather conditions make this island perfect for cheese production.

Aromatic plants, strong winds that inflict sea salt all over the hills and plants, and native Pag sheep are

things that make the perfect formula for the creation of one of the worlds best cheese…

You can get Pag cheese in almost every store in Croatia.


Pag lace

Lace making in Pag started in 15th Century and it’s believed that Pag lace takes its origin from the city of Mycenae.

Making lace was initiated by the benedictine nuns from the Benedictine Monastery of St. Marguerite, where the school of lace making was organized.

Monastery’s collection of Pag Lace that nuns were collecting for 150 years  the Ministry of Culture declared the Croatian cultural heritage.


It takes…  500 000 needle strokes…

More then 500 hours of hard work…

Years of experience…

Bundless of patience…

Endless imagination…

To create…



Pag carnival tradition

Pag carnival is traditionally maintained over 80 years, while the summer carnival is held for over 50 years.

Winter carnival is held for local residents while the summer carnival is held mainly for tourists, to let them feel the tradition.

Summer carnival is held in the last week of July and You should visit it if You will be in Pag or in the island.

Fun is guaranteed 🙂

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